About Catanzaro Monuments

The Catanzaro Family, having successfully served the people of the Miami Valley area for generations in the Food Service, Produce, Pizza and Restaurant businesses, understands and recognizes the importance of caring, compassionate family-oriented service. We continue these services while helping you memorialize your loved one.

Our Officers

Joe President Owner

Joseph Catanzaro Owner, Founder, President

Joe is a 1977 graduate of Greenon high school. His family had established a produce market, at the Historical Springfield City Market, in 1889. Joe began working in the family business at a very young age. After working through all of his high school years at Catanzaro’s Market at 433 Dayton Avenue, Springfield, Ohio, which opened in 1957, Joe became a full partner in the business in 1977.

He purchased the business and became its sole owner in 1982 and expanded the produce business to include special sandwiches and pizzas.

In 2010, Joe was elected as a trustee for Mad River Township and enjoys honorably serving the people in his community.

Always looking for ways to help make people’s lives better, Joe founded Catanzaro Monuments, a memorial company, in 2012, to help people at a time when they need it the most!  In 2017, Joe was re-elected to another term as Mad River Township Trustee.

In October of 2014 he purchased the Carriage Inn, a family-style restaurant in Enon, Ohio. Joe enjoys starting and managing successful businesses. He resides in Enon, Ohio with his wife, Linda, and likes watching his children and grandchildren grow and prosper. When you see him he will be smiling and eager to share in a conversation with you. He truly loves public service and people.



Gary VP of Sales and Marketing

Gary-VP of Sales and Marketing

Gary is a graduate from the College of Engineering and Technology at Ohio University. After spending 25 years in corporate management, he worked for the next five years in sales and marketing for a local printing company. In the following 10 years he founded and managed a mortgage company with his son Bryan, in Enon Ohio.

In his own words, “I have spent my entire life helping and guiding people to realize their goals and dreams. Helping people in one of the most difficult times in their lives, to capture and preserve the memory of their lost loved ones, is a task and challenge that I feel inspired to do! It gives me a true sense of my purpose on Earth.”

Gary resides just South of Springfield, Ohio with his wife Barb. He enjoys traveling and quiet dinners in unique restaurants with Barb, gardening, fishing with his son Bryan and spending time with his grandchildren, Cole and Riley.




David- Sales Associate

David Catanzaro- Sales Associate

David Catanzaro worked in the family business that our grandfather started in 1889.
The concept was always to sell quality products, and make sure the customer was satisfied, we carry on that family tradition today. After graduating from college, he moved to California and after 15 years of success in the technical staffing business was responsible for the start up of a new division that became one of the most successful in San Diego.
Like his brother and associates, he has also dedicated his life to assisting people. David’s goal was to help people realize their dream of a better job, and a higher quality of life.
It is a natural transition to be involved in the monument and memorial business today.







Michael- Sales Associate

Michael D. Cultice – Sales Associate

Michael has strong ties to Central Ohio. Born and raised in Cedarville, Ohio he has been a Springfield, Ohio resident for thirty-plus years. Michael and wife, Carole, a retired Southeastern School teacher, met while attending Ohio University. They have been together for forty one years, raised three children, all Ohio University graduates, and now happily enjoy their children’s families, especially their three grandchildren.

Graduating from college with a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication and Business, Michael applied his college training in a lifelong pursuit of sales and sales related occupations. His thirty plus years of focus in sales, has given him a love for the relationships formed along the way and the people he has met while representing the varied products or services he has had the pleasure of representing.




Your Catanzaro Monuments Team

Joe – Why I Founded Catanzaro Monuments




Joseph Catanzaro Owner, Founder, President

Growing up and working in our family business taught me a valuable lesson. If you are passionate about what business you are in, deliver a quality product and/or service in a friendly caring manner at reasonable prices, your business will be successful and you will always be gratified knowing that you have treated your customers in a manner in which you would want to be served.

While working in the family produce business, I hauled peaches from the Carolina Ridge Area, a region rich with granite quarries. I made some friends and eventually was introduced to some Quarry Foreman who educated me about granite and the production of monuments and memorials. My interest peaked and I began dreaming of the possibilities of selling quality Granite monuments here in the community and surrounding areas my family and I have served for many years. I finally made the move and started designing and selling monuments to friends and people who knew me from my produce and pizza businesses. I kept my prices very affordable and the sales kept growing. I was hooked!

I love designing the monuments. I love helping families, in their darkest moments, create a lasting memorial for their lost loved ones. But most of all, I cherish the feeling that fills my heart when a family sees the memorial in place at the grave of their loved ones and turn their teary eyes to me and thank me for my help.

I know without a doubt that I have found another way to serve the community in Catanzaro tradition and style.



Gary- Why I joined the Catanzaro Monuments Team



Gary-VP of Sales and Marketing

I was shopping for a monument for my deceased Brother and was contemplating purchasing a monument for my wife Barb and me. When I found out that Joe Catanzaro had started a monument business, I asked him about monuments. Of all the monument companies I visited, Joe’s quality, pricing and the sincerity of his service and counseling was superior. I felt comforted and reassured that I was dealing with a man and a company that truly cared about me!

When Joe offered me the opportunity to join the team, I was honored and excited! I have known the Catanzaro family for over fifty years as successful entrepreneurs in the Produce, Pizza, and Restaurant businesses. All their businesses are operated with warm and friendly, family oriented methods. You feel like family when you patronize their establishments. I wanted to be a part of the Catanzaro tradition and help make people feel like family when memorializing their loved ones.

I am proud and honored to help carry on the Catanzaro Family Tradition as it grows in its newest chapter of family oriented service, Catanzaro Monuments.



David- Why I joined the Catanzaro Monuments Team



David-Sales Associate

David’s goal was to help people realize their dream of a better job, and a higher quality of life. He takes pride in accomplishing this goal through out his career.
It is a natural transition for him to be involved in the monument and memorial business today. He has seen the importance of remembering loved ones through personal experience. And he believes a monument is a fitting memorial that can be seen for generations.







Michael - Why I joined the Catanzaro Monuments Team



Michael D. Cultice – Sales Associate

The experience of the loss of my parents gave me a deep understanding of the gradient of emotions I felt when I needed to choose a monument for them. I was thankful for the help I received from Catanazaro Monuments in selecting the right memorial for my parents. Now I look forward to helping others in their time of reflection and loss, and to securing a lasting memorial of their families, loved ones, and Life.




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